Chris McMillan Salon

Chris McMillan Salon

Michael Sparks works at the prestigious Chris McMillan Salon located in Beverly Hills.

Michael learned all his skills while working directly under Chris McMillan. From this amazing training and elite styling, Michael’s work has been featured in top magazines: Allure, Elle, and Karastase Paris. He has also been feature in and now works with high profile Actresses, Singers, and Award Shows. But with all that, Michael says his favorite part of his job is making ALL of his Clients feel like a celebrity, by providing them an A-List quality haircut!

Michael uses this website to feature before and after pictures of his stylish haircuts, to discuss his featured product of the week, and communicate directly with his stylish website visitors.  You can also ask any questions you may have about your hair, or personally book an appointment with Michael-  all from this website!

chris mcmillan salon


chris mcmillan salon
Michael prides himself in providing amazing cuts and styling. You can rest assured knowing that you will get the best haircut of your life! But if you need some more proof, check out some before & after pictures of Michael’s clients:

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Latest YELP Review

This 5 Star Rating was posted by Yelp user “Kitten B.”  (Read this review on Yelp here:
Chris McMillan Salon Yelp Page):

Oh my God.


I have found him. He exists. I’ve been looking all my life, crying over terrible haircuts and sighing over mediocre ones that cost half my rent and do nothing. I’ve cut my hair at home. I’ve been to almost every big name in the business, spending the years in between growing out disasters and trying to save enough $$$ to try again. Before I go any further…

His name is Michael Sparks.

You just CAN’T know, unless you’re a girl with long hair that has been from stylist to stylist, being perfectly clear on what you want, watching those precious inches get lopped off & having the stylist cover up a Beauty Basics 101 haircut with a good blowout. Fine ’till you wash your hair & realize you have the same old crap with no shape & style & only a deficit in your bank account to show for it. Have I mentioned I’m a huge tipper?

I knew Chris McMillan was a hair genius & have always dreamed of being able to afford having him color my hair. That dream is still many $$$ away, but in Googling him to sigh over his work, I came across his protege, Michael Sparks.

I have driven past that salon for YEARS yearning to be a client but being terrified of the attitude (and price). I’m extremely sensitive to politeness and manners, and I honestly didn’t encounter any attitude at all, in anyone. Huge relief. In fact the first thing that I noticed about the salon (besides not being able to find the front door…only me) was how polite & friendly everyone was. When you walk in, you are escorted into the waiting room where there is a large tray of French pastries on the table with loads of flies zooming around and crawling on them. I wasn’t planning on eating a pastry, but they REALLY need to do something about that. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful space.

Now Michael himself. Michael is handsome and charming and drop-dead gorgeous, and I found it amusing that at the shampoo bowl his assistant made sure to tell me that he was married with two children (one & one on the way!) I wondered if that was sort of the protocol…like she fends off any potential advances towards him by casually mentioning that he’s married. I can understand that. But I have a boyfriend, and, gorgeous as Michael is, I only wanted him for his talent. Here’s what I have now, that I’ve always asked for & never gotten. I have long hair that moves…with piecey-ness & direction, while still keeping all of the length. It’s an actual connected haircut full of angles and texture that frames my face and makes me look much better than when I walked in. The kind of haircut that makes a ponytail look sharp. It’s geometry. It’s math. That’s what a good haircut IS. He’s a perfectionist. He took a long time to cut my hair, and continued to cut it AFTER it was blown dry (SO important), making little adjustments and perfecting the shape. I seriously sit through haircuts with my heart pounding…I HATE haircuts…they ALWAYS go wrong in some way, they’re always too short, too expensive, and it stresses me out. I know it’s superficial…it’s just the way I am. Michael is such a genuine, sweet, down-to-earth guy who is so talented…I will continue to see him until he becomes so famous that he’s unavailable. Yes…it’s serious money…but it’s WORTH it.

I don’t usually give out five star ratings…but seriously, he’s THAT good. And sweet as pie. So go get the best haircut of your entire life. But don’t hit on him. He’s married…

Chris McMillan Salon is located at 8944 Burton Way. Beverly Hills, CA.

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